Friday, April 15, 2011

My Brown Eyed Girl

Well, our little girl will be turning 5 months old this weekend. My, how time flies.
I am astonished at how much as Cosmo has grown up when I look at her recent pictures and then peek back to her puppy pictures. She is now weighing in at a healthy 25 pounds...which means we have put 20 pounds of meat on that girls bones since we got her!

Sad news...Cosmo lost her "girl parts" today :(
She is currently at the MSU Vet Clinic in Starkville, while Andrew and I are spending the weekend in New Orleans for his half Ironman race on Sunday. We are such mean parents! She had her surgery on Friday morning and so she should be partially healed up by the time we pick her back up on Monday.

Poor baby girl.

I am missing her a LOT. I thought I'd share some of her most recent pictures. She has grown SO much and has these beautiful, to die for brown eyes.

Hopefully Cosmo girl will have a speedy recovery and hopefully she will forgive us for leaving her at the vet all weekend!

As for now, we are enjoying our "free" time this weekend in New Orleans with Andrew's parents. We got in town around 5 today and enjoyed a nice dinner out at Deanie's together. We will play around town tomorrow and then we will be cheering Andrew on in the race on Sunday!


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